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Christine O’Donnell, You Are Not Me

If Christine O’Donnell is me, then she’s married to my wife. That would mean that she supports same sex marriage, and last time I checked, Christine O’Donnell is against marriage equality.

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An Unsmiling Presidential Candidate Against Satan

Republican presidential candidate Mosheh Thezion claims to have developed a “unifying field theory”< "/i> during an early period in his life, in order to escape the anguish of his unrequited love for a woman he now refers to as “Tonya the lesbian”.

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Newt Gingrich Considering Run For President!!

Amazing news for the 2012 presidential election: Newt Gingrich is considering running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States! In related news: – Bill Bradley is considering playing professional basketball again – The Jackson 5, um, Jackson 4, are considering making an

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Deborah Honeycutt Incoherent On Health Care

What kind of “government restrictions” prevent physicians from helping people who lack the money to pay for adequate health care? Does Deborah Honeycutt think that there is a government regulation that forbids physicians to help people pay for medical treatment?

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