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Obama Selling Out To Corporations On Climate

Giving away carbon credits is like handing corporations a Get Away With Pollution For Free Card. It’s reallocating the cost of greenhouse gas emissions back to the American public, and letting corporations get off the hook again. […]

Iron Fertilization Carbon Experiment Fails

Other scientists pointed out that previous iron fertilization experiments had shown some carbon sequestration, but that was only at a rate of one to two percent of the carbon involved in the process. […]

More Proof of Ocean Acidification Impact

It’s getting worse as the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide is accelerating. How long will it be until corals can’t grow, until the forams disappear from ocean waters? […]

Billion Dollars To Clean Coal Fraud Is Pollution Stimulus

Did you know that the economic stimulus bill provides one billion dollars for so-called “clean coal” programs? One reason that number ought to alarm you: There’s no such thing as clean coal. […]

Why Is Barack Obama Still For Clean Coal?

Barack Obama is using the power of the Presidency to promote “clean coal”. What makes it even worse is where exactly Obama places the “clean coal” agenda: Under the heading of “Green Jobs”. […]

Ocean Acidification Times Twenty

My favorite line from the movie: “Are we screwed? Yeah, to a considerable extent.” […]

How To Extinguish a Candle

Palin Finally Admits That People Cause Global Warming

Thank you, Sarah Palin, for finally admitting that people’s activities have a role in causing global warming. I appreciate your willingness to at long last face reality. But how brittle of you to try to deny that you ever said people had nothing to do with it:

Show me where I have ever said that […]

Air Travel Pollutes Even More Than Was Thought

This report offers yet one more reason for the abandonment of airplanes as a significant means of intracontinental travel, in favor of more efficient methods of long distance travel, such as trains. Over a hundred years after the Wright Brothers went hop, skip and jump, it’s time for us to get over the gee whiz reaction to the invention of the airplane. Yes, we can fly, but to fly as much as we do is profoundly unwise. […]