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Barack Obama Nominates a Chair for the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

After three and a quarter years of non-existence, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board for the federal government was finally brought into being with the nomination and confirmation of four members in August of 2012. Unfortunately, this board cannot exercise any of its legal powers to investigate and report on unconstitutional activity within the […]

Marc Mutty On Leave? Salary of SFMM Director Still Paid by Roman Catholic Church

Until June of this year, Marc Mutty’s job title was Director of Public Affairs for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland. Then his job title switched, and he became the Chair of Stand for Marriage Maine, a group trying to make same-sex marriage against the law in Maine. News reports consistently describe Marc Mutty as […]

Henry Waxman Wins Energy Chair… Will Democrats Make a Difference?

It’s worth devoting a few words to explaining just how neat, swell and peachy keen it is that Henry Waxman has been selected chair of the House Energy Committee. To start with, this was an unorthodox decision on the part of House Democrats. The standard choice is for the committee member who’s been on the […]