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What Happened to Irregular Times?

Irregular Times has a new design. Give us your feedback. [...]

Are More Tax Cuts Change We Can Believe In?

How does Obama’s tax cut plan qualify as change? Didn’t George W. Bush do the same thing upon taking office? How well did that work for America? [...]

What Will You Do Now That Obama Has Won

What are you going to do to help make America better – or are you going to sit back and watch Obama do the work? [...]

Three Days, Three Syllables: What Needs to Change?

Something’s coming. I don’t know what it is. Will it be great?

There will be a presidential election in three days, and a new direction for our country will be chosen. There’s lots of talk of “Change,” and of “Change You Can Believe In.” What is this change of which I hear people speak? What’s [...]

Wassup? 8 Years Later (Video)

The Wassup? crew is back, 8 years later… and a lot of water has gone under that bridge:

On I-71 in Ohio: From Clinton to Obama

You can’t really see the detail in this photo I snapped from the passenger’s side of my vehicle traveling down Interstate 71 in Ohio, so you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that on the lower left hand side, the van’s owner placed an Obama 08 bumper sticker over a Hillary Clinton 2008 [...]

Guess What the Dalai Lama Will Talk About?

The Dalai Lama will not branch out and join a panel discussion in Idaho about potatoes. He will not give a lecture on his favorite television show. The Dalai Lama’s next ghostwritten book will not be a science fiction novel. [...]