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Bush Administration: We Can Order Massacres of Civilians. Obama Administration: There’s Nothing to See Here, Move Along

It’s been known for some time that the presidential administration of George W. Bush brought on lawyer John Yoo in order to write legal justifications for the U.S. Government to torture people it had detained. It’s less widely-observed but also known that John Yoo articulated the power of the President to nullify freedom of speech […]

War, On Terror, In Afghanistan

The USA went to fight in Afghanistan in order to end attacks on innocent civilians. In order to accomplish this, we’ve been launching attacks on civilians. […]

US Military Admits Lie About Civilian Deaths

When the world sees a lie like this one, people understandably begin to assume that everything the military says is a lie, and some people will even believe that the Americans aren’t killing anyone but civilians in Afghanistan. […]

Surge in Civilians Killed in Afghanistan

With almost eight years to do the job, though, you’d think that the U.S. military would have been able to kill all the militants by now, throwing bombs willy nilly into civilian settlements as it has. […]

Afghans Civilians Die After the Election Too

What will President Obama do about the large number of Afghan civilians being killed in U.S. military attacks? […]