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This is Really Disappointing

Whatever the motivation for the sudden silence from the Reality Campaign, it demonstrates a lack of reliable leadership on the issue of clean coal. If the campaign’s organizations were really concerned about confronting clean coal, it would have continued speaking out to this day, and it would have opposed the American Clean Energy and Security Act. […]

Kucinich Heads Progressive Opposition To Flawed House Climate Bill

The American Clean Energy and Security Act grants huge amounts of money into non-existent carbon sequestration technology, which, even if it were to be invented, would not make coal into a clean source of energy. […]

Congressman Tim Murphy Blithering On Energy

How, also, does Representative Murphy propose that the crude oil pumped out of the ocean floor, shipped in big tankers across American waters, refined, and then sold at gas stations, will “clean the air in our country”? […]

Pretty Words Vs. Obama Reality

Hold on, President Obama is just finishing up a conversation with Chevron, and he’s almost ready to lead to end the dependence on fossil fuels, but he’s washing the dishes with some clean coal. […]

Are Waxman and Markey Supporting Clean Coal?

Clean coal is a fraud. So, why does the Waxman-Markey legislation provide government support to support the fraud? […]

Democrats Pass Money for Clean Coal

Why are Democrats in Congress and the White House supporting inefficient, polluting, remarkably ungreen energy technology? It’s for the same reason that the Republicans did: Fossil fuel companies have lots of lobbyists and make lots of campaign contributions. […]

Unclean Coal In Appropriations Bill

Given the huge public debt that is already being created in the name of economic stimulus, the last thing our government should be doing is providing handouts to coal companies. Yet, such wasteful handouts are included in the Omnibus Appropriations Act currently being considered by the U.S. Senate […]

Clean Coal Cleaned Out of Stimulus

The economic stimulus bill agreed to by the congressional conference committee has removed billions of dollars in funding for the fraud of so-called clean coal. […]

Billion Dollars To Clean Coal Fraud Is Pollution Stimulus

Did you know that the economic stimulus bill provides one billion dollars for so-called “clean coal” programs? One reason that number ought to alarm you: There’s no such thing as clean coal. […]

5 Million US Homes Already Powered By The Wind

A feasibility study found that a wind farm on the top of the mountain that’s proposed for destruction could bring electricity to 150,000 homes in perpetuity. Wind power is a reality. It’s clean coal that doesn’t exist. […]

Why Is Barack Obama Still For Clean Coal?

Barack Obama is using the power of the Presidency to promote “clean coal”. What makes it even worse is where exactly Obama places the “clean coal” agenda: Under the heading of “Green Jobs”. […]