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Obama Nominates Fossil Fuel Funded Ernest Moniz to Energy

Barack Obama’s selection of Ernest Moniz as Secretary of Energy suggests that his idealistic comments about fighting climate change, in the State of the Union Address and his inaugural speech this year, were just more empty promises. [...]

Senator Whitehouse Outraged That Other Senators Are Like Him

Sheldon Whitehouse is urging the Senate to wake up, and take action on climate change, just as he’s settling down for a nap. [...]

Senate Democrats Failing To Act On Climate Change

There’s a new piece of legislation, entitled the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill, designed to consolidate national efforts to deal with climate change. Unfortunately, this new piece of legislation is being considered by the national legislature of Ireland, not here in the United States of America.

What is our national legislature doing here [...]

The Play It Safe Climate Caucus

If Henry Waxman, Doris Matsui and the rest of the Congressional Climate Fan Club truly believe that the time for action is now, then all they have to do is introduce a copy of the legislation already written by Boxer and Sanders. That’s it – not much work involved. [...]

Doris Matsui, Why Haven't You Introduced A Climate Change Bill?

As a member of Congress, Doris Matsui could introduce a comprehensive climate bill right now. Why hasn’t she? [...]

Boxer and Sanders Introduce Strong Climate Bill. Will Obama Support It?

Barack Obama keeps on promising that, despite years of inaction, while he provided special breaks to encourage more drilling for petroleum and other dirty fossil fuels, he will eventually do something to confront the growing crisis of climate change.

Promises are easy to make. This week, Barack Obama has received the opportunity to finally take [...]

The Obama Bait And Switch On Oil And Natural Gas

This week, Democrats have proclaimed that, after four years of inaction, President Barack Obama is finally ready to do something about the growing crisis of climate change. Their evidence: Obama talked about climate change in his State of the Union Address. Talk about climate change, of course, is something that we’ve seen plenty of times [...]

Will You Drive To Washington D.C. To Attend The Largest Climate Rally Ever?

I encourage Americans to not participate in this “biggest climate rally in history” – not unless they live within 50 miles of the protest or can reach the protest through mass transit. [...]

Senators Throw Money At Agricultural Disasters Without Addressing Underlying Problem

Senators Max Baucus, Roy Blunt and Debbie Stabenow don’t dare to introduce legislation to address the problem of climate change. They prefer to simply throw government money at the disasters that climate change has unleashed. [...]

Whitehouse and Waxman Form Partnership To Talk More About Climate Change

Forming a task force, to talk about climate change – for all his hot talk, that’s all that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is willing to do. Whitehouse has not introduced any legislation in the 113th Congress that would actually do anything to slow down climate change. [...]

David Vitter Tries To Push America Backwards On Climate Change

David Vitter wants to take the climate crisis that’s already fouling and eroding the coast of Louisiana, and make it worse. Why? [...]