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Tom Ridge Reports Sky Is Blue

The surprise in Tom Ridge’s book isn’t that the color code terrorist advisory system is a sham. The surprise is that a former member of the Department of Homeland Security is willing to admit to the sham. […]

One Homeland Idiocy Down…

Can we please cut the Code Orange, please? Isn’t it time that we all deserved a little Code Aquamarine, or Code Taupe, or Code Periwinkle? […]

USA Ought To Be At Code Green

A person would not say to someone in the middle of the Sahara Desert, in a place where it rains once every ten years or so, that there is a “high risk” of rain… unless that person were working for the Department of Homeland Security. If that person were working for the Department of Homeland Security, one would issue a Code Orange Alert thunderstorm warning for the Sahara Desert every day of the year for years on end, just because it rained one morning seven years ago. […]