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Republicans In Congress Vote To Trash National Ocean Policy

Congressional Republicans are content to allow our oceans to sink into sickness. […]

Friends of the Mississippi Press Pawlenty to Protect Minnesota Water Habitat

There’s something messy and brown seeping into Minnesota politics.

Nearly four years ago, the Minnesota state legislature mandated that the state Department of Natural Resources revise regulations to reduce gigantic docks jutting into rivers and lakes and also to reduce the amount of human sewage flowing into Minnesota waters. Since waterfront building regulations were issued […]

Vertebrates Living On Earth Down 30 Percent

Over the last generation, our planet’s population of vertebrates has declined by about one third. […]

Get A Bike Truck Against Oil Spills

In Portland Oregon, Ahearne Cycles makes cycle trucks – bicycles with a firm platform placed in front, upon which objects can be placed for transport. […]

Michigan United Conservation Clubs Shuns Links from Liberal Website

For some time, we have featured a link to the Michigan United Conservation Clubs on our Michigan Progressive Resources web page, based on the conservation work of MUCC in the past. But this morning, we received an e-mail from MUCC Executive Director Erin McDonough:

From: Erin McDonough To: Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 9:42 […]

Act in Your Back Yard Against More Oil Slicks

Replacing lawn with gardens and trees won’t cut the demand for oil as much as we need to, but it’s an important step in the effort to make sure that American shores never experience another invasion of filth from offshore drilling. […]

Join The Sharks

Oceanic Defense is seeking to get marinas to agree that they won’t allow boats carrying sharks to dock. Make it difficult for shark fishing boats to dock, and there will be less shark fishing going on. […]

Manatee Conservation Resources

Florida’s manatees are endangered animals, so the death of 429 in just one year is a serious loss. […]

Coastal Protection for the Smalltooth Sawfish

The protected coastal areas include 840,472 of critical habitat where young sawfish live. These areas are characterized by shallow water (three feet deep or less) where the salinity of the water frequently fluctuates. Red mangroves grow in these areas, forming roots that hold in coastal sediments, protecting the shoreline from erosion during hurricane season. […]

Electrical Gizmos That Add To Global Warming

Please, someone, come here and comment that America can’t conserve electricity without being ruined. I really, really, want to have that conversation. […]

Electricity Demand Outpaces Population Increase

We could be using 26 percent less electricity in 2030, rather than 26 percent more. The estimates of the Department of Energy are not our nation’s destiny. […]