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November Gardening

A final day of weather above sixty degrees came yesterday afternoon, and the low afternoon light amplified the color of the leaves still hanging on the trees around my house. I divided dianthus, moved a rooted cotoneaster, dug up turf and planted daffodils and tulips.

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Rooting Results

I put the cuttings under a dawn redwood tree, a sort of deciduous conifer. It’s a shady spot, which is good for rootings, but it was also a rather dry spot, because the redwood’s needles are extremely dense, layer after layer, and do a very efficient job of screening out both sun and rain.

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Propagate Yourself

Ask your neighbors for permission to take a cutting, and you just might be able to grow some of their stuff around your place. Results are not guaranteed, of course. Some rootings just don’t take. It’s worth a shot, though, and a far better process, economically, than paying 5 dollars and up per plant from a nursery.

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