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Slick Surprise Senate Roll Call: Senate Passes Patriot Act 86-12 on 2/15

Boom. Just like that, with hardly any notice at all and no significant public debate, the U.S. Senate has passed a reauthorization of the Patriot Act by a margin of 86-12. Patriot Act powers, which are almost always used for reasons that have nothing to do with terrorism, permit surveillance, search and seizure without probable […]

The Few Straying Tea Party Members of Congress Fall Back in Line to Support the Patriot Act

There never were all that many “Tea Party” identified members of Congress who stood up and voted against that biggest of Big Government programs called the Patriot Act. Today, the number shrank further as the few dissenting Tea Party members of Congress, apparently whipped in private, publicly fell back in line to support the authoritarian […]

Congressional Democrats Continue Silence on Kangaroo Courts

Today, I looked again. I searched the online offices of all the most celebrated “progressive” members of the House and Senate. Though they’ve had three days now to review, reflect upon and react to the military tribunal announcement, none of them have dared to challenge it. […]

Jewel of Medina, Freed from Cowardly Random House, Finds BeauFort

Last month I wrote about Random House’s craven decision to revoke its publication of the historical romance The Jewel of Medina on the grounds that some unknown terrorist somewhere might bomb someone after reading it and getting hypothetically homicidally upset. The new Random House rule: If It Might Miff a Muslim, Muffle it. Oddly enough, […]