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Congress Has Lost Grip Over FISA Amendments Act Spying

The spying of the FISA Amendments Act is out of control. Congress doesn’t know what’s going on. […]

Lungren Bill Flips Habeas Corpus: You Have to Prove You’re NOT Guilty

When I saw Dan Lungren‘s name as principal sponsor of H.R. 4975, a bill subtitled “To provide for habeas corpus review for unprivileged enemy belligerents,” my eyes did a doubletake. After all, the California Republican has spent years in Congress doing his darndest to erase the due process rights of people detained by the U.S. […]

A Crazy Psychiatrist and A Teenage Screwup Are Why You Must Sacrifice Your Freedom

If a nutty psychiatrist and a bumbling teenager are the best justification for the Patriot Act’s rampant abuse of our liberty that anyone can find, the last thing our Congress should be doing is to pass an extension of the Patriot Act. […]

God Given Rights Lead To Arbitrary Theocracy

I propose that, instead of following Dan Lungren’s model of arbitrary theocracy by cosmic law, we comply with the laws of our land as written by human beings through the human mechanisms of a government accountable to human beings. […]