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More American Soldiers Go To Iraq

The re-escalation of American military involvement continues, as Barack Obama has announced that 350 more American soldiers will be sent to Iraq. Their mission is to protect Americans already in Iraq. Of course, these soldiers provide Iraqis angry about the long American military occupation of their country with 350 more targets to aim for. Any […]

Presidential Comparison Chart to Draft Bernie Sanders for President in 2012

A few days ago, David Swanson asked liberal Americans to to “Stop Hoping” that Barack Obama will somehow transform himself into the actual liberal that was his brand on the 2008 campaign trail and to start looking for alternatives. In his web poll, the single most popular Obama alternative is Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders — […]

Are You Ready To Stop Hoping Yet?

On his new web site, Stop Hoping, Swanson has been holding an online poll to see just who liberals would like to see challenge Barack Obama from the Left in 2012. The top 5 results are… […]