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Daniel P. Coughlin Is The Establishment of Religion in Congress

The office of the Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives is not merely a position of government-established religion. It appears to be particularly a Christian position. There has never been a non-Christian religious official who has held the position of House Chaplain. Women may be interested to know that a woman has never served in the position.

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Big Brother Spying Is Wasteful Spending

Those Americans who truly value fiscal discipline cannot support the continuation of rampant, inefficient, misdirected government spying programs against Americans citizens. It’s not just a matter of right and wrong. It’s also a simple matter of dollars and cents.

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Whose Fault is the Budget Deficit?

It’s been the Republicans who have slashed revenue, and it’s been Republicans who have engineered big spending programs like the Iraq War, the Department of Homeland Security, and missile defense.

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