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You’ve Got to Wonder What His Definition of Marxist Is

My definition of MARXIST is a global mesh of leading-edge platforms. My definition of REVOLUTIONARY is the efficient restoration of goal-oriented technologies in B2B market relations. My definition of the VANGUARD is a dynamic cultivation of performance-based assessment standards. My definition of RESISTANCE is futile. My definition of

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A*pop*to*sis -noun 1 the distinctive odor associated with single-parent families 2 cell death as a normal consequence of drinking high fructose sparkling beverages

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Defining Your Religion

To ponder, while sinking your toes in the hot sand: What is the definition of the word RELIGION? …no, don’t go with the definition they’ve got in the printed in the big-bound dictionary. Share the definition as you think the word is actually used, or

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If Drowning a Man 183 Times is not Torture, What Is?

“We do not torture.” — President George W. Bush, November 7, 2005 “The United States is a nation of laws. My Administration will always act in accordance with those laws, and with an unshakeable commitment to our ideals.” — President Barack Obama, April 16 2009

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Is Obama a floating ship or dry land?

Robert Laity of western New York writes in with this essay on our president-elect: Obama’s a derelict Robert’s been a busy bee around the internet posting this observation. Buffalo Topix: Barack is a derelict and now he’s “Present” Obama.Armadinijahed Loves him. MSNBC: Obama is a

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