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Penn State University to Hold a Symposium on Confronting Climate Change Deniers

Time was that climate scientists would ignore people who denied the existence of global warming, hoping they would just go away.

It seems that times have changed. Penn State University’s Center for Sustainability and its Science, Technology, and Society Program are sponsoring a symposium on confronting and exposing, not avoiding, climate change deniers. From an […]

Intellectual Dishonesty through Odd Stats by Global Warming Deniers

If you had to stretch reality into an unrecognizable shape in order to maintain a stance, why would you do it?

The movement of global warming denial has left me pondering that question. Two recent episodes in particular have brought that question to the forefront of my mind.

The first is the decision by the […]

Global Temperature Statistics: The Denial Edition

Here’s how you get to say “the globe is cooling, not warming!”

Start here:

NASA Goddard Chart for Global Temperature Anomaly

(Source data: here)

Then clip here:

et voila! Global Cooling!