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Depressed Scientists In Denmark Declare Doom Is Nigh-er

I nominate this study from the University of Southern Denmark for the 2013 Depressed Viking Award. The researchers released the study under the title of Collapse Of The Universe Is Closer Than Ever Before.

Did we need a scientific study for to tell us this? The collapse of the universe, if it will happen, will […]

Which Print On Demand Service Will Close First — CafePress, Zazzle or Skreened?

As the economy implodes, I’ve been watching my mailbox fill with more, and more, and more offers from the services that print bumper stickers, buttons and t-shirts with various designs on demand. These offers promise me $5 off a purchase of $20, free shipping, extra business cards included, even a chance to win a prize… […]

Time for another WPA?

Driven across a bridge lately? Used a public park? Visited a library? Walked on a sidewalk? Hiked on a trail? Taken your kids to a public school? Enjoyed a drink of clean water thanks to water treatment facilities? Taken a swim in a municipal pool? Thank the Works Progress Administration (WPA), through which these were […]

Enter the New Great Depression

You might want to call your bank this morning and check – has it been bought out by Bank of America yet? How big is that safety net you’ve got handy? […]