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Greater Than Sign

Before Second Debate, Who’s #MoreElectableThanTrump?

On Twitter, six hours before the second presidential debate of 2016, the hashtag #MoreElectableThanTrump is one of the twenty most-used hashtags on the entire social media platform. Who, according to Twitter users, would be more electable than Donald Trump today? Hannibal Lecter my left toe

Protest Offshore Oil Drilling on May 15 2016 at 1 pm in Washington, DC's Lafayette Park.

On May 15, Washington DC Protests Offshore Oil Drilling

“We’re standing together for our climate, our communities, and our coasts.” So begins the Call to Protest at DC Break Free, a non-profit activist organization that is holding a march and demonstration in Washington, DC on Sunday, May 15 at 1 pm in Lafayette Park. Promoting

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Stop Worrying, God’s Got It

Dead baby on a Turkish beach? (source) More than 100,000 flee massive floods in Japan? (source) 8,000 dead in Ukraine? (source) 7 civilians (including 5 children) killed by U.S. forces’ bomb? (source) Thousands dead in an Ebola epidemic? (source) What exactly has God got in

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