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Was Your Office Searched Before You Came To Work This Morning?

Welcome back to the office. TGIF! Hey, pal. Have you looked through your files lately? Have you cleaned your hard drive? Any embarrassing e-mails on the server? Just wondering, buddy, because you know, you never know, you know. Anything could happen. Like, hey, was your office searched by government agents this morning? I know, you […]

A Map of Patriotism in America After the FISA Amendments Act

This is my map of patriotism in the United States. Some of the 50 states had two Senators who acted in allegiance to their Oaths of Office to “support and defend the Constitution” by voting NO against the FISA Amendments Act, the bill to become law that enables warrantless domestic spying in spite of the […]

How Could Bush Administration Detention of Citizens Occur Under Military Commissions Act? Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

As testimony of Bush administration lawyers before the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court reveals, the Bush administration has gone to court asserting the right to:

* Deploy the military domestically to American neighborhoods * Seize United States citizens without judicial warrants * Detain these citizens indefinitely without charges in military brigs * Maintain these citizens in […]

Washington, New York, Chicago Incorporate Centralized Network to Spy on Citizens

The government told us shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001 that citizens should “watch what they say, watch what they do.” And now government is going to do that for us.

Washington DC, New York City and Chicago are three of this country’s largest cities. Each of them is a political, cultural and […]

US Law Outlaws Bush’s Domestic Military Operations

Title 10 of the United States Code determines what the U.S. military is allowed to do. This code is very clear. The U.S. military is not allowed to search, seize, arrest, or engage in similar law enforcement activities within the borders of the United States. […]

What Domestic Military Operations Have Been Going On In The USA?

The existence of another secret White House memo giving the President of the United States justifications for violating U.S. law and the Constitution has been discovered.

This memo, exposed by a footnote in another anti-Constitutional White House memo that was forced into public view by the ACLU at the end of March, was written on […]