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More Russ Feingold for President Talk, and a Hyperlink Game

Democratic Underground:

Feingold/Grayson Or Grayson/Feingold 2012!

Or 2016. Hey, I’m flexible.

Tom’s Civil Liberty Blog:

One of the immediate consequences of Russ Feingold’s stunning loss in last Tuesday’s election–which deprives us of the best civil libertarian in Congress, and the only senator of either party in a position hold to Obama accountable on civil liberties […]

Support for a Draft Feingold for President Movement Spreads

Draft Russ Feingold 2012 Petition:

On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 we saw Senator Russ Feingold stand above all others as he gave a speech that unified Democrats across the country. Even as the sea of red Republican take-over’s across the country lit up television screens, Senator Feingold’s message of fighting for American values, standing up […]