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How Bad is the Economy?

You don’t know. How bad? The economy is so bad that Slate has canceled its Explainer podcast. It hasn’t canceled its list of Explainer columns, but felt it necessary to cut back on the expense of having someone read the columns for three and a

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CafePress Shuts Off Referral Income: Le$$ Effective

CafePress, the online print-on-demand megacenter, is shutting down its referral program in which shopkeepers could make a little dough by getting other people to start CafePress shops and putting their designs on t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, stuffed bears, thongs, stamps, stampmakers, stampmaker-makers and bidet warmers.

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New York Times: Spend Money You Don't Have

New York Times columnists lately have been channeling the George W. Bush of 2001. Michael Kinsley urges us (with tongue only a bit in cheek) to “Show your consumer confidence. One last shopping spree. Buy that coffee maker whether you want one or not.” Thomas

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Deborah Honeycutt Incoherent On Health Care

What kind of “government restrictions” prevent physicians from helping people who lack the money to pay for adequate health care? Does Deborah Honeycutt think that there is a government regulation that forbids physicians to help people pay for medical treatment?

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Will John McCain Shut Down the Government?

If John McCain really thinks that it’s a good idea to “veto every single spending bill that comes across” his desk, then he’s saying that it’s a good idea to shut down the United States of America.

Psst... what kind of person doesn't support pacifism?