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DHS and State Spying Nominees Hesitate to Allow Senate Oversight

Federal News Radio seems to be the only journalistic enterprise in the nation to have picked up on this exchange, in which the nominees for the Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis (Caryn A. Wagner) and the Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research (Philip Goldberg) attempt to reserve for the […]

FBI Spies on YOU, Demanding Identity of Visitors to Indymedia

Hey you. Yeah, you. Chances are, the FBI has been spying on you.

I’m not just saying that. You see, people who read Irregular Times have often pointed us to stories at Indymedia to help us understand developments in the world that mainstream media just won’t cover. This means that a number of Irregular Times […]

20 Civil Liberties Groups: H.R. 3845 Needs Stronger Civil Liberties Protections

The House Judiciary Committee meets Wednesday to consider H.R. 3845, legislation that would reauthorize core provisions of the USA Patriot Act allowing the government to engage in surveillance, search and seizure against innocent Americans, often without warrant and often without notice. As the day approaches for the Judiciary Committee, twenty American civil liberties organizations have […]

Homework: Read Up on H.R. 3845 and H.R. 3846 to Reform the Patriot Act and FISA Amendments Act

Homework time for people who care about civil liberties in the United States!

Today, two bills — H.R. 3845 to reform the Patriot Act and H.R. 3846 to reform the FISA Amendments Act — have been introduced to the House Judiciary Committee and are being prominently promoted by House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers. I’ve been […]

Obama Says You Have No Right To Fight Back

There are legal arguments the Obama Administration is making in defense of total Presidential power that the Bush Administration never made. Barack Obama is finding new ways to defend the indefensible. […]

While Obama talks his talk, ACLU and EFF Walk the Walk for Constitutional Liberty

Barack Obama sure gave a good talk so long as his audience was the kind of primary voter who cared about civil liberty in the United States of America:

You will have elected a president who has taught the Constitution and believes in the Constitution and will obey the Constitution of the United States of […]

Your Government is in a Rush to Pass a Constitution-Shrinking Law Before the Public Reads it. Why?

Your government is in a big rush. All of a sudden, poof!, just like that, dealmakers in Congress have announced that a bill called H.R. 6304 will be voted on tomorrow.

But here’s the thing — the bill is so new, just introduced, that the Library of Congress hasn’t even yet published it for, oh, […]