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Your Desk Could Make You Fit And Generate Clean Energy

In a few hours, a very long winter break will begin, during which most people will surrender to the glum grey weather, taking long naps on couches and eating foods loaded with sugar and fat. It’s a biological instinct, and I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it. However, there is an alternative: Running out into […]

Electrical Gizmos That Add To Global Warming

Please, someone, come here and comment that America can’t conserve electricity without being ruined. I really, really, want to have that conversation. […]

Electricity Demand Outpaces Population Increase

We could be using 26 percent less electricity in 2030, rather than 26 percent more. The estimates of the Department of Energy are not our nation’s destiny. […]

Earth Hour With Electrical Power?

It seems to be counterproductive for the Earth Hour organizers to actually encourage people to consume electricity during an event that’s supposed to highlight the importance of conservation of electricity. […]

Practice For Earth Hour

I can learn to dial down my electrical demand to a level that does not contribute to the expansion of a power grid fed by polluting fossil fuel technologies. […]

How To Build Your Own Windmill

A couple of days ago, I noted the efforts of startups in this country and others to manufacture a windmill that would fit on a roof, balcony or porch of a person’s home. These are admirable efforts, but because the products are manufactured using fossil fuels and shipped long distances, they unfortunately come with a […]