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60 Senators Act to Keep Americans in the Dark About their Campaigns’ Contributors (Just Long Enough)

The filing of campaign finance reports electronically instead of on paper may not seem like a big deal. Who cares about the format, as long as information is made available, right?

If you care about the influence of big money contributors on national politics, you should care about this issue. The United States Senate, unlike […]

Buddha Checks His Cell Phone

When he sits looking down at his empty hands in his lap, Buddha seems like he should be holding a small wireless device. […]

Abuse of Spying Powers Targets Your Sexy Talk

The FISA Amendments Act is being used to keep government records on just what American wives are telling their American husbands about just what sexy things they’re going to do for them when the couples are reunited. […]

FISA Amendments Act Is George Orwell 2008

George W. Bush is playing a con artist’s game with you. First, he tries to get you afraid. He says that terrorists could attack you at any time. Second, he comes up with a solution for the irrational fear he has inspired in you: Give him whatever he wants. Give him your freedom. Give him the powers of Big Brother. Convert the United States of America into a nation of omnipresent spying against its own citizens, a nightmare straight out of a George Orwell novel. […]