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I’d Rather Just Pick Up the Mustard Seed, Thanks

Seen at the Chestnut Street Baptist Church, with reference to Matthew 17:20… I consider myself a doubter, and speaking for myself (unlike the preacher who put up that sign) I don’t actually think I need faith the size of a mountain to move a mustard

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What Does “Faith” Mean?

On my way to the airport this afternoon, the taxi cab driver told me a long story about how he bit a man’s ear off during a fight, and isn’t allowed to have contact with his son, and was put into jail for eight months

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What Kind Of Faith Relies On Robocalls?

Do these supporters of Republican Richard Mourdock really believe that their god’s political plans for the U.S. Senate seat from Indiana depends on computer programs that make automatic telephone calls to interrupt voters’ family dinners?

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One night I had the oddest dream of walking on the beach I had really groovy shorts on and my shirt was colored peach Daiquiri? A blinding flash across the sky caused me to lift my head Scenes from my life before my eye Bright

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Evangelical Environmentalists Don't Add Up To Much

It’s secular groups, not religious ones, who are in the lead when it comes to the environmental movement. Of the small number of religious groups who have gotten involved, non-Christians are in the majority. The idea that some kind of progressive Christianity will play a major role in confronting the right wing agenda does not fit with the facts, in this case.

Psst... what kind of person doesn't support pacifism?