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Pea Sweet

Open today.

The Toothy Maw Of The Dahlia

Late in the season, it seems, they get blooming serious.

Yes, Honey

A garden is a relationship.

In this case, it’s a bumbling one.

Shift and Enter

Little plant disaster: a touch-me-this discovery

Dad: Why did you take so long coming up the hill?

Son: Oh, I was just looking at those pink plants by the road.

Dad: Did you like the flowers?

Son: They were OK, but I really like the seed pods. Do you know what they do?

Dad: Yes; just be sure not to bring […]

Allium To The Infidel

Evocative allium flower buds. […]

Death Haiku

The pursuit of death is the scent that brings this bee hungry to the bloom.

The Final Flowers of 2009

Less than one minute after I took this photograph, a snow began to fall which covered these flowers. Even the English primrose will not, I think, persist in blooming now.