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Open Letter to Americans Elect CTO Joshua Levine Formally Requesting IRS Documents (Yet Again)

[Note: the following open letter has been sent this morning to Americans Elect Chief Technology Officer Joshua Levine in e-mail form, one of the avenues by which the IRS explicitly recognizes official requests for information may take place.]

Dear Mr. Levine,

The following is an open letter which is directed to you and also published […]

In Positive Step, Americans Elect Keeps Two Out of Four Disclosure Pledges

In August 2011, confronting a large number of people asking it to be more forthcoming about itself, Americans Elect made a pledge through Chief Technology Officer Joshua Levine to provide disclosure on four counts by the end of the month on its website,

It’s September 1 now. Let’s check in and see what Americans […]

Internecine Bitching Within LGBT Movement Gets Ridiculous: Queerty, Tides Center, Cleve Jones and the National Equality March

You may not like the National Equality March for a variety of substantive reasons, and that’s fine with me. The October 11 March on the DC National Mall, dedicated to the proposition that all people regardless of sexual orientation should be treated equally under the law, may not float your boat. Fine. But have a […]