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A Crazy Psychiatrist and A Teenage Screwup Are Why You Must Sacrifice Your Freedom

If a nutty psychiatrist and a bumbling teenager are the best justification for the Patriot Act’s rampant abuse of our liberty that anyone can find, the last thing our Congress should be doing is to pass an extension of the Patriot Act. […]

Senate Chaplain Uses Fort Hood Shootings To Promote His Religion

Chaplain Black wasn’t consoling anybody. He was using a multiple murder to continue to push the idea that the USA could become a Christian theocracy, beseeching his deity to control the thoughts of the US senators before him, to “imbue their minds with Your vision of what we can become when we seek first to do Your will.” […]

A Home Land Cost Of Militarization

An example of the cost of American militarization: An earmark inserted into this year’s military appropriations bill by U.S. Representative John Carter. The earmark would spend two and a half million dollars to restore land within Fort Hood that have been ruined by military training exercises. […]

Earmark Plans To Use Military To Teach Kids Religion

U.S. Representative John Carter created an earmark he has introduced, to spend 8.5 million dollars for the construction of a church in Texas, with the explicit purpose of having the military teach children religion there. […]