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Win-Win Games

This morning, my dogs discovered Win-Win Games For All Ages, and they tore right through it. They were voracious readers. It was full of ideas they could bite into. They really ate it up. They licked each sentence… … okay, I think I’m out of

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Congress Games Struggle

The Center on Congress has received grant money to develop the game, and it talks a great deal about what the game is going to look like… eventually… It will be a 3-D virtual world, and people will compete for “wisdom points”, and learn about important issues, and how Congress works.

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Beat Cabin Fever With Online Geometry Software and Projects

Is your family snowbound in Saskatchewan? Heatbound in Gila Bend? Stave off cabin fever in entertaining and educational fashion with some geometry activities that are free of charge and available at the mere tapping of your fingers. HyperGami offers a series of colorful projects to

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