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How Can We Know That The Dashka Stone Has A Map Of The Urals From 120 Million Years Ago?

The Dashka Stone looks like a rock with a big crack in it, and some interesting natural texture. That’s all. […]

Sinking Under The Weight Of Noah’s Stones

She thinks the stones are six thousand years old. She doesn’t know the word “fossils”. She calls them “Noah Stones” instead. […]

Mars Methane Burping

Whatever the source, the methane on Mars could serve as a source of energy for future exploration and eventual colonization of the red planet. […]

God The Schmuck Left America With 3 Percent of Its Needs

If Sarah Palin is right, and the oil that’s in the ground was placed there as a blessing by God, God only blessed the United States with 3 percent of the oil it needs. That’s a 97 percent blessing deficit for the USA! […]