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Greenpeace Activists Board Shell Oil Rig Bound For Arctic Seas

Six activists from Greenpeace have boarded the Polar Pioneer oil drilling rig in the Pacific Ocean, and are camped out on the underside of the gigantic vessel as it moves north. The oil rig has received the go-ahead to begin drilling for crude oil in the Chukchi Sea, in Arctic waters north of Alaska.

Safety […]

UnKoch Your Campus

The Koch Brothers, who fund Republican candidates for public office, also donate money to colleges and universities. Supporting education is a wonderful thing to do.

According to an organization created by Greenpeace and Forecast The Facts, “There is mounting evidence to suggest that the Kochs are giving this money with strings attached. Their donations influence […]

Greenpeace Activists Climb Europe’s Tallest Building To Protest Arctic Oil Drilling

The Shard, at over 300 meters tall, is the highest standing skyscraper in all of Europe. It’s also the home of Shell Oil’s headquarters in Britain. The combination of these factors led six activists associated with Greenpeace to climb the tower, without permission, as a dramatic protest against drilling for oil in the Arctic. They […]

One Officer Against The Balloons Of Terror!

A Capitol Hill security officer runs at full tilt to protect Senator Lisa Murkowski from the balloons of bad publicity. […]

Pittsburgh Protesters Hang In There

This protest showed the sort of resolve that is missing in our government. After 16 years of inaction under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, we need climate action now, not more delay. […]

Greenpeace Protest Skewers Democrats On Climate Legislation

Climate change is already costing us billions of dollars every year, but the Democrats’ bill postpones strong action until decades from now – decades too late. Greenpeace confronted this inadequate approach with a dramatic protest yesterday on the face of Mount Rushmore. […]

Climate Change Protest to Include … Airplanes?

Am I just too jaded? Is it just me? Or is it kooky weird that Greenpeace is holding a demonstration here in Columbus, Ohio tomorrow at which hundreds of people will hold big cards up above their heads to form a big picture? I know, that in itself doesn’t sound too weird, but wait, see, […]