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Do hammers kill more people than guns?

Claims that Hammers Kill More People than Guns (Follow-Up)

Last October, I wrote a brief article in which I tracked people veering away from observable reality to falsely claim that “hammers kill more people than guns.”  Such a claim is absolutely, demonstrably untrue. Since I wrote that article, I’ve received a number of comments by

Sleepover Protest at NRA HQ June 20

Coalition of 25 Groups Plans June 20 Sleepover Protest at NRA HQ

25 activist groups have joined together for a June 20 sleepover protest against policies that promote gun violence outside the headquarters of the National Rifle Association at 11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax, Virginia.  Everyone is welcome to bring a sleeping bag and surround the NRA from 8 PM to

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