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House Democrats Who Voted FOR Patriot Act Reauthorization, Feb. 8 2011

You know, it’s a pretty safe bet that a Republican politician will support the anti-constitution, anti-freedom, authoritarian provisions of the Patriot Act: only 26 out of 236 Republicans in the House — less than 10% — voted NO against H.R. 514, the bill Speaker of the House John Boehner tried to shove down Congress’ throat […]

Republicans who Voted Against Patriot Act Reauthorization February 8 2011

Expect the following individuals to be the subject of a number of interviews and the target of a lot of recriminations from Republican Party leadership. These members of the House of Representatives, all Republicans, defied their party leadership to vote NO, AGAINST H.R. 514, the bill to reauthorize crucial provisions of the Patriot Act:

Justin […]

Roll Call Vote: Who Voted For And Against the Patriot Act? (2/8/2011)

Check it out: Here is the roll-call vote, 277-148, by which the House just failed to pass Patriot Act reauthorization bill H.R. 514. If only the Republican leadership had followed their own House Rules, this bill would have passed. But the Republicans suspended their own rules, which meant that the margin required for passage rose […]

Patriot Act Reauthorization in House FAILS by a Whisker in Bipartisan Beatback

Because H.R. 514 to reauthorize three core provisions of the Patriot Act was brought up under suspension of House Rules, it needed a two-thirds vote of 290 members of the House of Representatives voting YES to pass.

Even after some arm-twisting, fewer than 290 voted YES, with a small but significanct minority of Republicans voting […]

Rep. Bobby Scott Declares Opposition to Patriot Act (Full Text of 2/8/11 Speech)

Squeezing himself in as part of a mere 40 minutes of debate regarding reauthorization of key provisions of the USA Patriot Act, Rep. Robert Scott of Virginia rose to explain why later this evening he will be voting a firm NO (transcript of video broadcast):

Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to H.R. 514, which […]

Text of Ron Paul Speech Against the Patriot Act, February 8 2011

Republican Representative Ron Paul took to the floor of the House of Representatives today to declare his opposition to H.R. 514, a bill to renew three key provisions of the Patriot Act. The following is a full transcription of his remarks:

Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this bill. I was opposed to the […]

John Conyers Refuses to go along with the Patriot Act any longer

When he was Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee last year, Rep. John Conyers supported a one-year reauthorization of the Patriot Act, his first failure of Americans’ civil liberties. Conyers promised his fellow members of the House that he’d spend the next year holding hearings and creating meaningful reforms to protect civil liberties. That was […]

Patriot Act Renewal: 40 Minutes Debate Before a Mostly Empty House

With a vote on H.R. 514 expected this evening, the USA Patriot Act is up for renewal. Reauthorization of the law, which infringes upon Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights by allowing surveillance of individuals engaged in protected First Amendment activities, was granted only 40 minutes of debate this afternoon. The reauthorization bill had no committee consideration […]