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The War On Sacrificial Baby Day!

In order to meet the high expectations of Joan Clayton, I propose the following theological holiday greeting: “Happy Sacrificial Baby Day… For lo, a child is born, for no other purpose than to be tortured and executed on a sacrificial crucifix in a weird ceremony of blood that’s supposed to compensate for our own feelings of guilt.”

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An Old Fashioned Christmas

“Let’s bring back an old-fashioned Christmas”, reads the headline from the Desert Valley Times newspaper editorial this morning. Still, I’m left wanting specifics. Which kind of “old-fashioned Christmas” is the writer talking about? The kind of old-fashioned Christmas that was marked with drunken brawls in

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Surprise! The War on Christmas Goes Back 67 years to Bing Crosby

Over the past five years, it’s become fashionable among fundamentalist Christians to complain in December that the “War on Christmas” has “stolen” their holiday. Why, people are saying “Happy Holidays” to one another! Isn’t that awful? Kentucky Post: I think it’s wonderful! This year we

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