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Love Mail for an Old Treasury Secretary, FBO!

A Mr. Hughey shoots off an e-mail with today’s message of love for Irregular Times: what libs know about the economy I could put in a thimble and still have room left over, REGAN ROCKED Osloba sucks fbo Why, I haven’t heard anyone give out

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Unpunctuated Possibility in Morning Love Mail

This morning, we got ourselves a little note from one “popjockster”: no one wants you here go shit your self obama sucks The lovely thing about this message is that it has absolutely no capitalization or punctuation. That means we all can supply our own.

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Love Mail: Move Out of the Country Before I Shoot You

William B. sent us the most charming little love note last night: You people and your website are sorry sacks of shit. Please pack up your shit and move to another country before you attempt to take my guns and I’m forced to retaliate. Oh

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