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Who Will Disprove Betteridge’s Law?

Ian Betteridge has proposed a law, humbly named Betteridge’s Law: “Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word ‘no’.” Let’s test that with news headlines ripped hot off the press just now: BTN Live: How Many Teams Should Make

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Stock Market Opens Lower After Obama Accused of Marxism!

It’s bad enough that business journalists follow the Dow Jones Industrials Average as if it is a general economic indicator. If they’re going to make that mistake, the least they could do would be to stop pretending that they know why the price of the stocks in that index are really going up or down at any particular time.

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Why Am I Hawking This Obama T-Shirt by CNN?

It’s not because I’m making any money off of it. I won’t see a cent. A CNN representative asked me if I’d feature it on our website, and I agreed for one reason… because all shirts on which this design is sold are made by

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