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Untrue News, If True, Would Be Astounding!

Under a headline of Fairness Doctrine: Not Just for Radio Anymore, Sheldon Townsend writes the following about liberal plans to squelch free speech:

Fox News is reporting that the American Spectator magazine said yesterday that Congressman Henry Waxman (Spendocrat from California) wants to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine and apply it to the web. As Fox […]

Henry Waxman Wins Energy Chair… Will Democrats Make a Difference?

It’s worth devoting a few words to explaining just how neat, swell and peachy keen it is that Henry Waxman has been selected chair of the House Energy Committee. To start with, this was an unorthodox decision on the part of House Democrats. The standard choice is for the committee member who’s been on the […]

Democratic Decency Congressional Test Two

If the Democrats in the House of Representatives vote tomorrow to keep Dingell as chair, they will be making a statement that they think that GM, Ford and Chrysler have shown wise leadership and should be allowed to keep on pushing its gas hog vision of the future on the rest of America. […]