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Obama Supporter’s Questions on FISA Go Unanswered

Yesterday, Barack Obama made a statement regarding his support for H.R. 6304, along with a complete lack of an answer regarding the sections of the bill that permit surveillance of Americans for 67 days without any oversight or regulation, much less a warrant. The campaign

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Open Revolt at Takes Top Position

By the time we wake up tomorrow morning, this insurgent group of Obama activists who are now opposing Barack Obama’s embrace of the FISA Amendments Act will be the largest grassroots group on This group is in open rebellion against Barack Obama’s campaign leadership. They’re not just following along like good little sheep. They’re talking back, loudly, to power.

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H.R. 6304: FISA For Dummies Video

For those Americans who think more about nipple slips and celebrity cads than the phantasms of lost freedom — that is to say, for most Americans — I’ve drawn up the following little FISA for Dummies video to try, try, try and capture their attention:

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