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Donald Trump with Liar, Protests, Red Square, and A Headline Reading A Third Contractor Alleges Donald Trump Didn't Pay for Work on Hotel in the Background

Take This Trump Picture and Shove It

In a few minutes, I’ll be headed to the Metro to get into Washington, DC and peaceably assemble to petition Donald Trump for redress of grievances.  But before I raise my fist in protest as Trump marches by, I’d like to give you a little

Cannabis Oil Fraud Sinks to a New Low. Cannabis Oil Does Not Cure Cancer. Don't Let the Hucksters Rein You In

New Canned Text + Stolen Profile Image = New Cannabis Oil Scam

There is a particularly low variety of scammer who feeds off the desperation of sick people and their loved ones.  Just such a person, masquerading under the name of “Jessica Alice,” placed the following comment on Irregular Times this morning: “All thanks goes to Dr. Koffi

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Flag “Defenders”: Is this a Desecration?

This morning, while breaking up camp on Mount Desert Island, I noticed that someone had placed a small polyester American flag next to a water spigot. In the course of regular use, the water spigot had hit the soil, kicked up some of that soil,

Psst... what kind of person doesn't support pacifism?

Fight the Republican beast!