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Behind the Footnotes, Jamestown Satanic Panic Founded in a Deluded Evangelical Zeal

Satanic Panic by Jeffrey S. Victor is a great book for its empirical thoroughness, tracking the spread of rumors about Satanic cults across the United States in the 1980s, documenting a complete lack of evidence for actual cult activity, and working to explain how an utterly fictitious threat could have aroused a vivid campaign of […]

Review: Sellit ADPAK Apparently Fails to Deliver Ads As Promised

Starting in August and through last month, we at Irregular Times tried out the Sellit ADPAK advertising widget in order to review its performance. In its FAQ section, Sellit promises to deliver at least 15,000 “impressions” (views of the advertisement) in a month:

But as you can see from this screen capture of a […]