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Dozen Arrested In Protest Against Indefinite Detention

When our government continues to engage in such indefinite, unconstitutional imprisonment, it becomes an honorable thing for protesters to be placed behind bars themselves in protest against the corrosion of our nation’s constitution. […]

Liberation Summer Statement of Purpose

The following is the text of the Statement of Purpose of Liberation Summer, a nascent organization that aims to direct the energies of the Occupy movement to grapple with issues of imprisonment in the United States.

Liberation Summer: Statement of Purpose

Inspired by the resurgence of social movements around the world that are illuminating the […]

Barack Obama Approves Law Subjecting Americans To Imprisonment Without Criminal Trial

By signing the National Defense Authorization Act into law today, Barack Obama granted all future presidents with the power to throw Americans into prison for life on the basis of nothing more than an unproven accusation against the prisoner. […]

Jill Stein Challenges Obama On Imprisonment Without Charges

Liberal presidential candidate Jill Stein is challenging Barack Obama to veto legislation that would allow the government to lock up American citizens without criminal charge. Stein also pledged to undo the Bush-era attacks on the Constitution that Obama has protected and extended. […]

Consequences for Senate Democrats Who Voted To Trash Constitutional Liberty Yesterday

The following seven Democrats are among those who voted against the Udall amendment yesterday. They are all up for re-election in 2012. Americans who believe that liberty is worth keeping, and that imprisonment of people without criminal charge is wrong, should withhold their support from these Democrats’ campaigns. […]

Obama Embraces AntiConstitutional Claims of Bush

Should we not call for impeachment of Barack Obama now? Should progressives not hold Obama accountable to the law, simply because they like him better than Bush? […]

Supreme Court Chickens Out

Why would a decision reaffirming the right to a fair and speedy trial be unpalatable to President Obama? Is it that Obama wants to keep the option of imprisoning people without trial, just in case? Or, does he not want to take the political risk of appearing soft on terrorism? […]

Obama Endorses Bush Seizure of Power

Barack Obama and George W. Bush certainly have different personalities, but when it comes to their disregard of the rule of law, they’re like peas in a pod. […]

Does Obama Support Habeas Corpus Or Not?

The Uighurs present another basic test for President Obama. Will Obama continue to denigrate the Constitution, and support the idea that President is above the law? […]

Mitt Romney and Republican Crowd Boo at Europe

You know, it’s good every once in a while to go to a Republican Party event, because it reminds me why I am not a Republican. Take today’s sparsely-attended rally featuring Mitt Romney at the Franklin County GOP Victory Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio. More like a staff meeting than a rally, with a couple […]