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Law and Liberty be Damned: Sarah Palin Personally Picketed OB-GYN Clinic after Doctor Went Public in Favor of Access

In her more recent statements, Sarah Palin has been coached to utter statements such as these regarding her views on women’s personal freedom:

Y’know, with my respect for the sanctity of life and my belief in the potential of life I know that this aspect of the abortion issue is very sensitive, and, you know, […]

Victim of Incest? Sarah Palin says Tough Luck, Kid

Let’s say you’re a twelve year old kid who’s been raped and impregnated by your uncle or your grandfather or your father. Should you have to bring the resulting fetus to term and become a 12-to-13-year-old mother? Or should you have the legal right to choose to abort the fetus, which at 9 weeks weighs […]