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Americans Elect Director Christine Todd Whitman Praises Candidate Jon Huntsman Again in 4th October Interview

With a fourth interview coming to light, the record of Americans Elect Director Christine Todd Whitman‘s non-neutrality stance is as follows:

October 6 2011: interview on MSNBC in which Whitman praises Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman and promotes Americans Elect. October 13 2011: interview with Hippo Press in which Whitman praises Republican presidential candidate Jon […]

Man on the Street Report, 11-6-08: Reaction to Obama Election

What do you think of this week’s election of Barack Obama as our new President of the United States? I, Jim, intrepid reporter from Irregular Times, headed out onto the street to find out, scraping up interviews where the cigarette butts lie. In Columbus, Ohio, a city that sleeps sometimes, when it takes its Maalox […]

Sarah Palin To Courageously Be Interviewed By Right-Wing Radio Talk Show Hosts

Yes, Sarah Palin is going to burst out of that protective media bubble that the McCain campaign has put up around her:

Tacitly acknowledging criticism that she’s been diminished in part by an overly protective media shield, Sarah Palin will take a more forward-leaning approach and do additional interviews in the weeks ahead, a top […]

Call McCain To Demand Palin Talk To Reporters

If Sarah Palin isn’t ready to talk intelligently to reporters, then how will she ever speak intelligently with the leaders of foreign countries? […]

Where Are the Sarah Palin Press Conferences?

If like me you’ve been wondering where the Sarah Palin press conferences are, now we have our answer: the Sarah Palin press conferences are nowhere. The Sarah Palin press conferences are not happening. Journalistic interviews with Sarah Palin are not happening either. They will not be happening for the foreseeable future, either.

Want to guess […]