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Heck, Journalism Has No Mussels Left In Congress

What is there that we, living out in the grassroots, are supposed to do when both the people on Capitol Hill and the executives put in charge of our nation’s newsrooms are inclined to clam up? […]

Japanese Beetle Bug Traps: Is there a Catch?

While some nature lovers among us may declare that Japanese beetles are a part of nature and should be permitted to chomp away at the greenery, I don’t find myself among that set. For one thing, if we want to extend that line of thinking, then clearly humans are a part of nature too; should […]

Snakes In A Swamp

What the title of this hearing doesn’t reveal is that the subcommittee will discuss legislation proposed to deal with the invasion of southern Florida by between 150,000 and 180,000 Burmese pythons, snakes that have been known to grow to 27 feet in length, one of which has been caught eating a two year-old human child right here in the United States. […]