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Jewel of Medina, Freed from Cowardly Random House, Finds BeauFort

Last month I wrote about Random House’s craven decision to revoke its publication of the historical romance The Jewel of Medina on the grounds that some unknown terrorist somewhere might bomb someone after reading it and getting hypothetically homicidally upset. The new Random House rule: If It Might Miff a Muslim, Muffle it. Oddly enough, […]

Random House Retracts Publication Because Somewhere a Muslim Might Get Miffed

Random House had made Sherry Jones’ romance novel “The Jewel of Medina” ready for publication, and the Book of the Month Club had made it one of their picks. But as the Washington Post’s Michelle Boorstein reports, the Random House corporation then decided that it would rescind the book’s publication. Because the book was rotten? […]