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How We're Talking About Drones Today

Yesterday, Peregrin Wood noted the leaking of a previously secret legal document written by the presidential administration of Barack Obama, a document that justifies the killing of American citizens who have been convicted of no crime, without the right to a trial and even without charges being brought to a criminal court. The tool for […]

It's the Big Brother Spying, Mr. Brennan!

Look out into the world that the Associated Press seems unable to recognize, and you’ll see that it was Big Brother spying, as much as torture, that brought the Brennan nomination down. […]

Obama Appointment Signals Unwillingness to Confront Surveillance and Torture

This week, news of an apparent appointment to the presidential cabinet of Barack Obama hit the streets. Sources are telling the Associated Press and Atlantic Monthly that John Brennan will likely be appointed to head the CIA or be the next Director of National Intelligence. Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Sullivan do an excellent job of […]

Big Brother Obama? The Signs Are Bad On Spying Powers.

It looks like Barack Obama is tempted to keep the autocratic presidential powers established by the Bush Administration in place – including the power to use electronic surveillance networks against the American people. […]