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Kay Hagan Lets Nicaragua Wear The Pants

If it wasn’t for politicians like Kay Hagan, we would have more all-American clothing companies, and more clothing companies offering more made-in-the-USA clothes. […]

Sheldon Whitehouse Steps Up To Deal With Climate Change, But Senate Declines To Act

Although the majority of Senate Democrats voted to support the Whitehouse amendment to bring the costs of climate change back to the polluting industries responsible for it, 13 Democratic senators joined the Republicans to vote against it. I’m naming names here. […]

Workplace Equality by Sexual Orientation: Senate Democrats Match American Public

At least in terms of labor issues and gender equality, the Senate is strongly out of balance. While the Republicans in the Senate are promoting a hard right wing position that’s far beyond popular American opinion, the Democrats are not counterbalancing the GOP agenda. The Senate Democrats are occupying a centrist position, not a position that’s to the left of American opinion. […]

Sour Notes For Congress On A Sweet Day

A few of the highlights and lowlights of the congressional elections […]

I Have a Platter for Senator Elizabeth Dole…

Senator Dole? I have a platter for you… a platter of buttocks. They are your buttocks, Senator Dole. Here you are.

How’d that atheist-bashing work for you?

Presbyterian Isn’t Christian Enough For Elizabeth Dole

A leader who represents only Christian America is missing the pluribus in e pluribus unum. […]

Presbyterian Isn't Christian Enough For Elizabeth Dole

A leader who represents only Christian America is missing the pluribus in e pluribus unum. […]


The other day, I counted six election-related robocalls to my home. I didn’t listen through to the end of a single one, and to tell you the truth (no, say it isn’t so!) they pissed me off. I hear tell they piss other people off, too. Yet politicians continue to use them. Take Republican Chris […]

Elizabeth Dole: It is “Horrifying” for Anyone to Talk to an Atheist

Anyone familiar with North Carolina Republican Elizabeth Dole already knows she is a dismal failure as a senator. Dole failed to promptly set up offices for North Carolina citizens to contact her when she was first elected in 2002 and there are some questions about whether she’s even maintaining a primary residence in North Carolina. […]