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Colbert: How Much Cash You Guys Got? Ackerman: Heh.

Stephen Colbert interviews Elliot Ackerman of Americans Elect, August 10 2011:

Elliot Ackerman, Americans Elect Chief Operating Officer: We’re bigger than the parties.

Stephen Colbert: How so? How much cash you guys got?

Ackerman: Heh. Heh. Well, at we’ll be holding the first ever non-partisan online nominating convention.

How much money does Americans Elect […]

Well, Well, Well. What do you have to say?

Well. I’m speechless. I mean, what is there to say?

Let me clarify: what is there to say that is polite? You know, beyond various onomatopoeias of laughter…

What do you have to say about this all?