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Opt Out of Creepy KissMetrics Surveillance

When the internet was founded, the use of the technology for pecuniary gain was a banishable offense. Now spying on people is considered the norm. Take Kissmetrics, which tracks people and connects their common browsing of websites across different computers and tablets so that people

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Thank Rand Paul For Suing Barack Obama

Senator Rand Paul is a Republican with a nasty pro-corporate libertarian ideology. When he campaigns for President in 2016, he won’t have my support. Still, today, Rand Paul has my thanks. Why? While most members of Congress are sitting on their hands rather than take

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Why Marvel Comics Should Sue Nintendo

Captain America character: created in 1941 Mario: created in 1981 Colors of Captain America’s suit: red and blue Colors of Mario’s suit: red and blue Captain America: wears gloves Mario: wears gloves Color of Captain America’s eyes: blue Color of Mario’s eyes: blue How Captain

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Tortured? Tough Luck. Is that Change You Can Believe In?

Have you been detained by the United States without charges and then tortured? President Barack Obama has declared no criminal charges will be brought against the people who conspired to torture you. They won’t even be professionally disciplined. President Barack Obama has declared that people

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