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When the Greens Showed Up in Maine

In November 2013, J. Clifford wrote here about a Green Party that complained about ballot access but wasn’t running candidates. In November 2014, the Maine Green Independent Party ran 13 candidates for state legislature — an impressive feat for a party with very few members and

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Elm Tree Dreams Die Quietly

1930 — The parasitic fungus Ophiostoma appears in Cleveland, Ohio and begins attacking American elm trees. 1950s to 1980s — 40 million elm trees die across the United States. 1970s — Start of government-university-community cooperative efforts to identify and propagate resistant elm trees. 1999 —

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God Punishes Sodomites of Hawaii with Warm Sunshine

The Hawaii state House followed the state Senate yesterday in voting to legalize same-sex unions that have the exact same privileges and benefits of marriage. From John Hagee to Pat Robertson to Stephen Bennett to John Piper to Graham Dow to Yehuda Levin, religious fundamentalists

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New York State Senate Has A New Bigotry Majority

Monserrate and Espada think that the integrity of the Democratic Party matters less than denying homosexual residents of New York State equal rights. So, a new majority has been achieved in the senate, not of Democrats, not of Republicans, but of bigots.

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Act For Marriage Equality In Vermont

Activists for marriage equality will have the chance to meet with their state legislators and explain why they think that equal marriage rights for same sex couples are important enough for the state government to act.

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Help Design the New South Carolina Welcome Sign

Considering the passage and upcoming signature into the law of South Carolina Bill 1329, I think the time is right for a little public relations work. You see, when the bill mandates that the government print license plates celebrating Christianity and Christianity alone, I think

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